Life with 2…

Since MissE came along I have managed to average a MASSIVE one post per month!!!

Yep life is busy and blogging is so far down the list of priorities at the moment that it is just not seeing the light of day!

But that said as MissE grows it is all getting a little easier and I am starting to claim back some spare minutes in my day. Maybe just maybe I’ll manage two posts this month ;=)

A question I get asked all the time is… “Is it different with two?”

Emotionally and mentally it IS THE SAME ROLLER COASTER …but the highs are higher and the downs – well they can get just downright crazy…

Try 2 sick kids for example… Just rip my heart out already!

PHYSICALLY I would say it is the same gig BUT with one arm tied behind my back!

Such chilled little people….NOT

By far the biggest challenge of two for me (this far) was the feeding schedule! I honestly forgot just how much and how long these tiny people feed for!

Thankfully we have started solids and that feeding schedule has eased up to something much more manageable…

Hungry much?!?MissE will suck broccoli off her bib!

But generally we are just experiencing all the same baby stuff from first time round just in ADDITION to the toddler stuff!

Is life with 2 different? Yes. My minutes are more precious, my patience a little shorter but my heart is a thousand times bigger!

Life with a baby is demanding, life with a toddler is challenging but every now and then there are moments when neither of those are true and THAT is just MAGICAL!


Best view ever!

MissE; 3 months

Remember that teeny tiny parcel we brought home…

so little

so little

Well here she is now…



Big strong girl

Of course all this growing doesn’t happen without a LOT of feeding! It is DEMANDING at the moment but seeing our precious teeny tiny bub grow into such a strong healthy little girl is making it all worthwhile. There is nothing a mother wants more than a thriving baby.

That face!

That face!


This last month MissE has kept me on my toes with a couple of wonder weeks, a growth spurt (she literally fed hourly during the day for 2 days!) and of course the arrival of lots of drool so no doubt our teething journey will kick off before we know it :(

But all of those challenges have been balanced with amazing development and new skills… Rolling over, grasping things and of course that massive jump in interaction. All things that we are thoroughly enjoying!

I don't just look cute!

I don’t just look cute!


We are also getting a clearer picture of MissE’s personality and it looks like we have another happy and CHEEKY little monkey on our hands! As a newborn MissE was SOOOO chilled – the polar opposite of Little A. But as the weeks went on she must have realised she would need to step it up to compete with Little A. Now we have TWO uhhhh “Expressive” little people in our house!!!!!


Who me?!?!


Suffice to say she has us wrapped around her little finger!

As much as I don’t want MissE to grow up too quick … I can NOT wait until the moment she sits independently with her brother for playtime! The growing interaction between them absolutely melts me…

His doll...

His doll…

According to Little A, MissE is the COOLEST person in the house and he will do ANYTHING for her. If he wont do something for us he WILL do it for MissE. So sometimes we play the “E card” … whatever works right?!?!

Best buds!

Best buds!

Sleep-wise MissE is a lot like her brother – An angel at night and a cat napper during the day. Once she is down for the night (usually 8pm – she takes a bit to settle) she will then sleep through pretty much till morning. Sometimes she will wake between 4am-5am for a feed but not often. But even though I am not sleep deprived I am still EXHAUSTED. MissE’s amazing nights do make the days much more demanding. With no night feeds she fits all her feeds into the day! Add in a growth spurt or wonder week and I have had some CRAZY days of feeding, feeding and well more feeding.

I sleep all night and party all day...

I sleep all night and party all day…by party I mean “eat, burp, eat”

MissE is a much more cuddlier bub than Little A. She loves to be held and hanging out in the carrier. At this age Little A demanded attention and stimulation. MissE on the other hand is happy to sit back and watch as long as she is on my lap or in my arms.


Did I mention her uber adorable “pout face”?!!?!


As you can imagine life is a little busy at the moment with these two munchkins but I will try and do a training update and some of the promised posts soon.

I am very excited about the new direction I am taking with my training and I can’t wait to share it…but for now back to the crazy schedule that is mummyhood!

Happy Running!

Post Partum Recovery: Week 7

Yep I am still alive… just been Missing in Mummy Duties for a while…that and RUNNING!

so last update was Post Partum recovery Week 1… and now I am seven weeks post partum. That is hard to write because that means MissE is 7 weeks. WOW. Children and their super fast growth is just another measure of how quickly the days, weeks and years are flying by.

2014-03-07 06.04.12

Final Little A cuddles before I headed to the hospital 7 weeks ago… Little A looks a smidge confused about being woken!


I only wake for food and play...

And here is our little girl who is growing WAY too quick!

Ok CUTIES aside for a minute and on to the recovery…

In the last 6 weeks I have been busy on my journey back to “running mama”. Here is a summary…

Training focus(es):
1. Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

2. Rebuilding core strength
2014-04-06 19.33.26

I try to sneak some extra hovers in during the day but if Little A spots me it turns into “London Bridge is falling down” or just plain climb on mummy time! After months of no crazy play like this while pregnant I love being a human playground/rocket launcher again!

3. Get moving
In the first few weeks this was mostly just walking. In the last couple of weeks I have added in running and I am slowly increasing the running and decreasing the walking.

gc MAR14

I love seeing the calendar fill up again!

I love seeing the calendar fill up again…Especially this month with all that blue (i.e RUNNING) ;=)

Longest Run:
10.3km.. I was super excited to hit double digits last week!

Fastest Km:

A Garmin 620 feature I love!

A Garmin 620 feature I love!


Pregnancy weight gone: 10kg… Feeling leaner and faster every day and even though there is a couple more kgs to shed I FEEL back to my runner self again (just a smidge weaker!)


Mentally – There is only one word to describe my mental place these days - PUMPED! From the moment my feet touch the ground in the morning to the minute my head hits the pillow at night I DO NOT STOP. Even though there is not complete order at every moment I feel like I am ticking the boxes for all the important stuff – especially quality time with Little A and MissE and I have to say I am 10 times more organised and productive than when Little A came along!

Physically – I am feeling stronger every day. I have had a niggle or two to “roll out” but I think all my core and pelvic floor work is paying off. I have just changed over from a “post partum” core routine to a “runners” core routine and jeepers I felt the intensity change!

Sleep-wise – We have been blessed again in the sleeping baby stakes. MissE mostly wakes once per night and rarely twice. Last night she didn’t wake at all… I just fed her when I got up for my run. I am hopeful I can enjoy this for a while longer before the sleep regression and teething kicks in!

Appetite – I am a breast feeding, running mother – currently I burn a K-zillion calories. I need water and food and lots of it! The tricky bit is keeping the fridge stocked with “easy-grab” healthy snacks as I am currently third place on my list of people to feed so organisation is key.

2014-04-22 12.59.48

These growing babies always come first!

So that is my journey thus far…

Next up I’ll tell you about my BAD running experience recently and I’ll show you a pic that 100% sums up what running is to me.

Happy Running and racing this weekend and for tomorrow…



MissE: 2 weeks old


MissE is 2 weeks old and we are thoroughly enjoying our new addition. All in all MissE is an easy-going and content little girl. We feel so blessed and are just enjoying every minute of this precious stage… this time we know how fast it goes :=( Given how precious time is I am keeping it to just pics today but more words coming soon… for now I am making the most of Big A’s time at home and this amazing chance to enjoy my family all together. So as soon as life returns to normal “routine” I promise I will catch up on my over-filled feed. I miss my runner-updates from my favourite bloggers!

Ok so here are some pics from the last two weeks…WARNING -  Some SERIOUS cuteness below (but I am just a smidge bias!)

2014-03-10 17.54.14

MissE even makes hospital rags look gorgeous…

2014-03-11 13.57.20

After 3 solid days of cuddles and bonding we enjoyed a final snuggle while waiting to be discharged from hospital.

2014-03-14 21.03.30

MissE came home for her first bath and LOVED it. I shouldn’t be surprised since she was born with flippers instead of feet!!!

2014-03-16 16.37.02

We have been blessed with such a content little girl… she brings us so much happiness with that face!

2014-03-15 09.29.47

She is so easy and content we have hardly spent a moment at home and have taken this buddle everywhere… what do they say about 2nd child getting dragged every!?!? She is very familiar with and comfortable in her car seat… “just wake me up when it is food time”.

2014-03-19 14.49.03

The best view I have EVER seen – Big A teaching Little A to ride a bike and MissE chilling in the pram… I ADORE this photo!

2014-03-19 21.24.49

MissE is such a cuddle monster and still tucks her legs up like a Koala!!!


2014-03-19 13.14.24

Oh yeah did I mention Little A bought a “Big Boy bike”…

2014-03-19 13.15.02

Just a bit proud of himself and YES he had to ride it out of the shop all the way to the car!


2014-03-19 12.29.05

Loaded up with two prams we enjoyed a sunny day at the park while the car was getting serviced.


2014-03-21 09.14.41

The only thing sweeter than MissE’s baby yawns is this beautiful headband from the Thoroughly Nourished Family… GORGEOUS!!!!


2014-03-19 08.00.04

Starting to get camera shy…

2014-03-13 10.54.46

Check out MissE’s face when we headed out for our first walk!!! “My flippers are for swimming Ma!”


2014-03-09 16.44.10

Celebrity-style MissE lets the paparazzi know what she thinks of them!

2014-03-18 08.02.48

I LOVE her hands… long and slender. Such a stark contrast to her mothers and brothers!

2014-03-13 07.55.16

Little A is completely taken with MissE and asks to hold her first thing every morning. He wants to be a part of every nappy change – it is adorable seeing this instant (a bit unexpected) bond!

2014-03-12 19.07.35

MissE is growing like a champ (good feeding runs in the family) but she still looks so precious teeny tiny in the moses basket.

2014-03-12 14.52.36

Such a MissE pose!

2014-03-12 08.57.44

No words needed!


So tell me what have you been up to while I’ve been engrossed in my little family???

Next up is Post Partum Recovery Week 2 (might be week 3 by the time I write it!!!) and soon I will be reviewing some new running products I am currently trying…

In the meantime have you met amazing running mother of 2 Liz?

Have you checked out my favourite shop for running tees?

Have you tried this recipe for a new old fashioned banana smoothie? My new blender jug arrived this week and I can’t wait to feed my boys (and ME) this one!!! Can you believe it took 5 months for me to get a replacement jug for my blender!?!?! That is a LOT of smoothie-deprived days!

Happy Running!




Running and Motherhood – A balanced approach

Hi everyone!

While I am currently busy adjusting to life with 2 munchkins (busy but AWESOME!) I thought I would introduce you to the amazing running mother of 2 – Liz. She has shared some great advice with me over the last few months and I am just in AWE of her balanced approach and healthy perspective on all things running and motherhood.


So without further ado I hope you enjoy her wise words and thoughts as much as I have…

I started running…in November 2011. I had run cross country in high school and done some running in my early 20′s, but nothing that was enduring or particularly long in distance. That said I have always been physically active and eaten well. I started running when my youngest (of two) was 5 months old. I felt unfit and unhealthy. I lacked energy (perhaps not surprising running after a two and a half year old and a baby!) but it felt more significant than just parenting demands. My whole life felt as though it had taken a big detour from my usual active, healthy self and I was very keen to get that back. 

This year I plan to run my first half marathon! To be completely honest I am astounded that I am even remotely in a position to consider doing this. 

Its tough to…lose momentum. I only run three times a week but when I have to skip consecutive sessions, or even weeks, due to illness (mine or the kids) it feels as though ground slips away very quickly.

I’ve learned that….you need to go slow when you are coming back from being unwell, particularly after a period of time off running. It seems obvious but I was terrible at this until very recently when I made the call to almost go back to scratch and really reduce distance and build over 2-3 weeks to get back to where I was. It made an unbelievable difference. 

The best advice I’ve been given was when I was talking with a friend about my concerns that exercise would make me even tireder than I already was. My friend just looked at me and said “Liz you can either be tired, or you can be fit and tired“. It was a revelation! And to be honest, most of the time I think that being fit means I am less tired than I otherwise would be. 

Being a runner helps me as a motherI think anything that helps you to feel better as a person is going to help you to be a better mother. Because running is hard there is a sense of accomplishment and mastery associated with completing a run. These are fundamental elements to having and developing a positive outlook, being more optimistic, more resilient. There is a host of psychological research that links physical activity with improved wellbeing and I feel that the complexities around running give an exponentially improved outcome. I’m a big fan of Martin Seligman and his work in positive psychology and optimism, he references the physical activity link as one of a number of strategies that are effective in “inoculating” against depression. This is a long winded response! Fundamentally, I think that looking after yourself and the sense of accomplishment and mastery of running allows you to be more generous emotionally and physically with your children. I guess also having some time to take care of yourself also substantially reduces the frustrations associated with being so heavily depended upon.

My best runs arein the beautiful crisp morning along the Western Australian coast at sunrise when the temperature is below 20 degrees, and of course not too windy!  

My best advice to new mummy runners start slow and small – I started off doing a run/walk over 4km and did it most mornings for a few months. Over time I walked less and ran more. As more time passed I thought about some 12km events that I trained for but never got to run because of kid related bugs being passed on. It is a family joke that I do a lot of training and not much turning up at the start line! On this basis running for me has had to be much more about the journey and the sense of accomplishment and physical health that results, rather than the competition. Find a likeminded buddy if you can. My running buddy has become a really close and important friend in my life. We have supported each other at different points to maintain the motivation and she has been integral to me hitting the pavement on many occasions! The other main piece of advice is to just be reasonable about your expectations of yourself. I think women put themselves under huge amounts of pressure to be amazing at everything and when they fall short it can be quite debilitating. 

When it comes to running I have  been most surprised bya few things (1) the distance I have been able to build up to (2) how good it makes me feel (3) the generosity of more experienced runners in supporting, providing advice and being interested – like Jenelle – she has been amazing in what she has provided me as someone that is completely unknown to her (4) how much it has enabled me to let go of any negativity about my body and embrace what I have and what my body is capable of doing 

Thanks for sharing Liz and THANK YOU for your kind words. I too am constantly surprised by the support and camaraderie among the running community. And just for the record Liz is doing an amazing job of training for her Half Marathon – I can’t wait to hear about her race!

I think the advice that Liz was given about being tired or being fit and tired is GOLD. In fact I would love that to be on a canvas by my bed! Sleep deprivation and long challenging days are a part of parenthood regardless… so we might as well make the most of it right and feel the best we can!?!

What is a piece of advice that has really stuck with you and motivated you?

Post Partum Recovery: Week 1

Well finally MissE is here (if you missed the cuteness overload you can check her out here or follow me on Instagram)  and now that I am not baby baking we can return to our previously scheduled RUNNING TALK!

Ok not so fast.

First I need to recover my body from the epic journey that is baby baking which included a whole lot of stretching and strain on some all important muscles and structures for running.

So for the next 6 (maybe more!) weeks I will share with you MY POST PARTUM RECOVERY. And once I have “recovered” then FINALLY I will share MY POST PARTUM COMEBACK.

So team stay tuned and watch me go from barely a waddle back to running Mama!

WARNING – this viewing will require PATIENCE. It may be PAINFULLY SLOW at times and it will be a rocky road filled with fatigue and obstacles but I am READY!

Without any further ado here it is… Post Partum Recovery: Week 1

Training focus: REST and RECOVERY

Longest Run: Nope nothing here yet!

Fastest Km: Does my 1km loop around IKEA count?!?!

Pregnancy weight gone: 5-6kg. This is pretty much made up of baby, her lifeline and all the fluids that went with her!


  • Mentally – AMAZING! It feels great to NOT be pregnant and to have all the energy for the people I love!
  • Physically – Great. There is work to do and I know my back (i.e core) needs some SERIOUS attention but all in all I have come out of pregnancy and childbirth feeling pretty good.
  • Sleep-wise – This amazing little bub has put herself on a 4 hour sleep schedule so we are just lapping it up and bracing for the sleep deprivation that will surely come!

So as you can see from my summary above my training/rehab/recovery plan for this week is NIL.

One thing I remembered from Little A’s arrival is that the first week FLIES by with the busy schedule of feeding, burping, cuddling and baby gazing. And in between all that every spare minute is spent entertaining visitors and responding to messages and emails.

But the decision for complete REST was not a “time” thing but rather because REST is EXACTLY what my body needs after child birth!

Even though I have not actively been working towards my recovery this week my body on the other hand has been super busy healing, recovering and working its way back to non-baby baking/birthing mode. Here are some of the cool and crazy things my body has been doing over last 9 months that it is now very busy reversing…

My blood volume increased by 40%-50% (cool huh?) My uterus grew to 1000 times its original size (seriously?!?!), my body retained water like a boss and pumped itself full of relaxin so EVERYTHING (muscles and bones) could stretch to make room for baby to grow and baby to exit. Structurally right now I am “different” and dare I say it - weaker!

To say pregnancy changes your body is a FREAKIN understatement.

Thankfully our bodies are pretty darn clever and all that crazy stuff it did over 9 months it CAN reverse MUCH faster. Some on its own and some with a little help from me.

So no pat on back for my training just yet but massive pat on back for MY BODY who in one week has gone from full blown pregnant to a pudgier version of normal…

2014-03-14 10.38.43

Seriously cool stuff!

AND that is not to mention the AMAZING gift that my body has given me…


My world

My world

Ok next up I will introduce you to the amazing Liz, then I will shower you in some more cuteness from Little A and MissE - an update on life at home as a family of four. And then next week I will share week 2 of my post partum recovery. This is where my “active” recovery kicks off and I promise there will be lots of pelvic floor talk!

Run Happy!



She’s here!

We are super excited to share the arrival of our baby girl…

Evelina Kay born March 7th at 2.40pm


Weighing in at a teeny tiny 2.79kg and measuring 47cm she is picture perfect…


Thank you all for your kind messages of support and congratulations – they are so greatly appreciated!

MissE and I are both doing very well. In fact I am finding recovery much faster 2nd time round – any upcoming March/April Marathons you know of?!?! Just kidding!

The plan now is to enjoy a little babycation with MissE before we join the boys back home mid week.

So far we have kicked off babycation with…




And well more cuddles!

Yep – it’s a pretty chilled out kind of babycation but it seems to suit MissE’s personality to a tee!

We do occasionally let the boys in to crash our party…



It seems you can’t keep a proud dad and over-excited Big Bro away!

Well must go – I’ve got some serious baby gazing to do!

But stay tuned, amazing running mother of 2 – Liz will be sharing her story and wise words on the blog soon.

As I head home into the unknown later this week I will very much aspire to follow this incredibly inspiring mothers balanced approach to it all.

For more MissE pics follow @mummylovestorun on Instagram but be warned – this super proud mummy is a bit snap happy at the moment!

2 years old

If you ask Little A how old he is today he will say “Too Old”!

He is actually saying “2 old” and for some reason he is dropping the “years” in the middle. Maybe he says it this way because he gets met with a massive smile every time he says it.

Almost everything that comes out that Little guys mouth makes us smile. And today we are celebrating 2 years of being blessed to share the world with this amazing person.

There aren’t any words for how much we love our Little guy and how much happiness he brings us on a daily basis so here are some photos to mark the occasion…

2014-03-04 10.56.38


2014-02-28 14.38.59

There is something about this photo!!!

There is something about this photo!!!


My greatest fear is that I WILL one day eat him up!

My greatest fear is that I WILL one day eat him up!

2014-03-02 08.21.31


2014-02-27 17.48.59


2014-03-05 12.11.08




2014-02-19 13.58.37

We’ve had some great celebrations marked with lots and lots of cake but I know the fun is nothing compared to what these two will be getting up to while I am in hospital loved up with our baby girl SOON…

2014-02-18 19.15.56

Who us?!?!

Yep - these two!


Happy Birthday Little A!

Stay tuned for a bumpdate tomorrow … almost 39 weeks!

Bumpdate; 36 weeks

Less than 4 weeks to go now and this baby belly is growing and starting to take its toll on my back!! By the end of the day my back is tired and TIGHT from all the extra weight and decreased strength…

Front on is a TOTAL beer belly!

Front-on is a TOTAL beer belly!

In other news we are finally enjoying relief from the insane heat which means lots of outdoor play again for Little A. Happy Mama…

Happy Boy!

Happy Boy!

Meanwhile as delivery day inches closer I am starting to DREAM about life after pregnancy….

Here are the top ten “I cant wait to” things for the other side of this pregnancy…

10. Be sleep deprived WITH A PURPOSE! As opposed to NOW – pregnancy insomnia when you lie awake for NO reason! If I hear one more thing about it “getting your body ready for life with a newborn” I’ll scream. Sleep deprivation is not a muscle – you can’t get stronger or better by practicing it. Just let me get zzzs now while I have the privilege - I know what lay ahead!

9. Eat Runny Eggs. I swear someone is taunting me on pinterest and every second pin I see is of some delish dish with an undercooked (i.e perfectly cooked) egg on top!

8. Live in running shorts. Now my hips/pelvis have pried apart, I cant get my favourite shorts past my knees. As someone who would happily spend summer in her running shorts this is DEVASTATING!

7. Order from a WHOLE menu. I LOVE food. After 9 months of ‘limited’ choices I can’t wait to let loose on some serious seafood and soft cheese (and that’s just for starters!)

6. Move around quietly. Did I use to get out of chair without grunting and groaning?!?!

5. Give back to my family again. Ok “wah wah” says the pregnant woman but SERIOUSLY I don’t enjoy doing less and less. It is not me and the sooner I am back at full speed being the one doing the caring and not the complaining the better I say.

4. Lay on my other 3 sides!!! Pregnancy insomnia coupled with the fact I can only sleep on my left side makes night times so comfortable and restful… NOT! I am curious to know if anyone else struggled to sleep on their right side when preggo. I was the same with Little A!

3. Run around with Little A. This is just an extension of number 5 really. It is frustrating having an active almost 2 year old and not be able to do everything with him. I can just squeeze in and out the cubby house and run around a smidge… but I can’t be a human trampoline or climb 3 story indoor playgrounds and I MISS that!!!!

2. RUN!!!!!! Like you didn’t see this one coming! I can’t wait to feel my legs rapidly turning over under me, blood pumping through my veins and my chest filling up with liters of FRESH AIR.  I don’t even need the running high - I just need the running cleanse!

1. Finally, the thing that I can’t wait for the most – is without a doubt to HOLD OUR BABY GIRL in my arms. It has been a long wait and I am busting at the seams just knowing she’ll be here for the cuddling soon!

2014-01-15 08.50.11

From the beautiful and ever-talented Cait…


Pregnant or not- what are you most looking forward to right now???

Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

I’m back. It is very easy to not bother with any social media at the moment. I think it is a side effect of NESTING… the focus is very much so on family and the impending arrival of our baby girl! But FINALLY here I am and here’s what’s happening…

Baby girl is due in 6 weeks and boy are those 6 weeks going to fly by!

Apart from some busy weekends ahead and trying to finish my studies (SO FREAKIN CLOSE!!), school is back which means Little A is back to having an activity on EVERY day – yep life revolves around the school calendar long before the munchkins start school. I did enjoy the break from our routine and the relaxed approach to each day over the last month but Little A is like me and thrives on routine so I will enjoy heading out for craft, music, climbing, play and adventures now and not having to develop endless creative activities myself. Keeping a toddler stimulated physically, creatively, intellectually and every other way everyday is exhausting stuff!!!! That said we have enjoyed some awesome times together and I can NOT believe his development and growth over the last few weeks. He has also had an awesome appetite to match this little growth and development spurt.

But who isn't hungry for ice cream?!?!

But who isn’t hungry for ice cream?!?!

In other Little A news … We have ALMOST finished teething! Little A has ONE little chomper left to bust through the gums and then we are home free. I am already planning the celebrations for when this happens. I have to say over the last 23 months the biggest challenges with Little A have definitely revolved around teething. I’m secretly hoping we get 6 months of a “teething-free house” before Baby Girl starts popping out white ones!

Yeah we LOVE ice cream around here!

Yeah we LOVE ice cream around here!

As for pregnancy and baby girl we are doing well. I have definitely hit the “better out than in” stage but baby girl is still 6 weeks away from BEING better out than in – so suck it up mama!

My tummy sticks out further than my butt - WAHOO!

My tummy sticks out further than my butt – WAHOO!

Baby Girl is very busy in there putting on some pudge and doing runners drills to strengthen those muscles. Can you believe that babies roughly double their weight between 32 weeks and birth?!?! Crazy!

I have to say even second time round the miracle that is pregnancy is not lost on me!

In other good news she has moved out from under my ribs which means less kicks in the ribs and wait for it…. RELIEF from REFLUX! Hopefully I don’t have to pick up another spoon of Mylanta EVER – or until the next bub ;=)

So now we are in the home stretch and nesting has kicked in my life is all about lists and getting super organised. Here is how I have expelled some of my nesting energy…

- Washing baby clothes. I have a chest full of pink, purple and red and I am slowly working my way through it all to get it soft and smelling fresh.

-Packing Baby Girls hospital bag. The most fun I have had packing EVER!

It is all so stinking cute!

It is all so stinking cute!

-Preparing a 4 week meal planner and pre-done shopping lists for each week. One list is for fresh things I buy at the shops and one list for an online shop. I literally do not think “what is for dinner” ever anymore and I love it. And super bonus I don’t hear from Big A what’s for dinner either – he knows where to look. But most importantly writing shopping lists is my pet hate so I am so happy to have permanent lists in my phone for each week now. The online shop is saved on the computer and takes me less than 5 minutes – Seriously HAPPY days!

-STUDYING – my goal is to be finished by 37 weeks and if I keep tracking this well I might just be done by 36 weeks! I am extremely motivated at the moment to make the most of every spare minute and hit the books. We are super lucky to have Granny on hand too who takes Little A for a morning while I study.

After 4 of her own Granny is an expert at Toddler play!

After 4 of her own Granny is an expert at Toddler play!

Speaking of Granny and Little A, they have just started doing cooking classes together and Little A LOVES being in the kitchen. I am keen to get my hands on a learning tower but NOT willing to pay the insane $300 for it. Does anyone have any alternate suggestions? We currently make do with Little A standing on a chair when I cook dinner but I don’t love it and he HAS fallen off (and I did laugh)… coz it WAS funny… once I knew he was ok of course!

How did you use your nesting energy?

Anyone else buried under books at the moment?

And PLEASE any suggestions for kid friendly chairs/cages for toddler spectators in the kitchen?